About Us

Matthew Jones
Founder: Matthew Jones Quality Cars

Since I was a child, cars have always been my passion; I could happily spend hours on my own totally emersed with toy cars. I can still remember the excitement and sleepless night I had when I bought my first car, a Triumph Spitfire when I was 18. This was my pride and joy and some of my happiest memories are of driving this car across Pembrokeshire in Wales, which is where my family were based at the time.

After leaving college I worked in the drawing industry as a CAD designer before changing direction to follow my true passion which had always been around cars. I have spent over 15 years working in the motoring industry selling new and used cars for brands including Audi, Volkswagen and Land Rover.

While I enjoyed the fast-paced atmosphere of dealership life, I wanted to offer a more personalised service. Sadly I find that for many people the prospect of buying car can be a stressful one purely because they don’t trust the person that they are buying from. I created my business, Matthew Jones Quality Cars to overcome this and change the way that people buy cars so that it is a pleasure once more rather than a chore. I want you to feel that same ‘first car’ excitement when you buy your car from us.